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Silver, Gold, Copper & Crypto in Singapore

We manufacture some of the industry’s most cherished coins and collectibles. We offer aggressive terms to our valued partners.

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Together we’ll bring your unique idea to life with the world’s finest artists, sculptors, die engravers and precious metals.

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Our silver, gold & copper creations can be found online & around the world at the finest coin & collectible retailers.

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Blockchain Mint

Home of the original Bitcoin physical coin, known around the world as the quintessential face of the leading digital cryptocurrency, Blockchain Mint manufactures some of the precious metal industry's most cherished treasures at Singapore's largest private mint.

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Minted with Pride in Singapore

With a population of 5.5 million people, Singapore is the 3rd most densely populated country in the world, and boasts a GDP of $78,000 per person, the 3rd highest in the world. Singapore is also home to more millionaires and multi-millionaires than any other country.

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