Precious Metals Leadership in Singapore:
SouthEast Asia's Private Mint.

Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles

Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles offers for your consideration the world's finest collection of heirloom-quality, investment-grade silver statues and collectibles coins, spanning the gap between intrinsic value and aesthetic appeal.

Blockchain Mint

Home of the original Bitcoin physical coin, known around the world as the quintessential face of the leading digital cryptocurrency, Blockchain Mint manufactures some of the precious metal industry's most cherished treasures at Singapore's largest private mint.


Blockchain-Enabled Verification & Information Service was created for the benefit of any business that wants to share information and give customers a valuable window onto the factory floor.

Cold Storage Coins

Un-hackable, flood-proof, fire-resistant & available the moment you want, Cold Storage Coins™ are all you need to join the Bitcoin revolution!

We manufacture some of the industry’s most cherished coins and collectibles. We offer aggressive terms to our valued partners.

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Together we’ll bring your unique idea to life with the world’s finest artists, sculptors, die engravers and precious metals.

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Our silver, gold & copper creations can be found online & around the world at the finest coin & collectible retailers.

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