Custom Minting

Want to see your unique design come to life on a copper, silver or gold medallion? We bring the world’s finest artists, sculptors, die engravers and mint-masters together to create your very own stunning, high-relief custom token. From initial design concept to final product, our experts are available at each step of the process to ensure the highest quality product is delivered on time & budget.

Best of all, once your dies are created and in hand, you can order your custom medallion at the same price and turnaround time as any of our other products.

Our team of experts creates your custom medallion project fast and efficiently. Take a moment to review the basic steps and costs associated with your new medallion project:

Art – Lets face it: some designs work better on medallions than others. Round or square designs, instead of rectangular designs, tend to make better use of coin space. Also, positive messages tend to be more well received and marketable than negative messages. Our job is to provide useful feedback to you so that you get the most from your investment.

Dies – You will need two in order to make your custom medallion. In coin language, “heads” is referred to as obverse, and “tails” is called reverse. The challenge with dies is that the relief (3 dimensional texture), complexity, and method of production can vary greatly and have a serious impact on the cost of each die.

Material – Now that you have a basic understanding of art and dies, it’s time to move on to materials. We work with 99.9% fine copper, 99.99% fine silver and 99.99% fine gold. However, our specialty (and the material we can turn over quickly) is one-ounce, 39mm copper and one-ounce, 39mm silver. Other sizes and shapes are possible on a limited basis, so please inquire if you are looking for something special. Though we can certainly mint unusual sizes and shapes, these products take more time to custom craft and cost more than our standard issue medallions.

Time – A reasonable time frame for your coin project would be 4-6 weeks from start to finish. The variable on the project is certainly in the design phase, as perfecting art can lengthen this process. Our project management system gives you direct access to the artists, empowering you to be involved in the project from beginning to end. Once your approved art is in the engraver’s hands, you’re about 3 weeks away from the first strike!

Strike – With a polished set of dies in hand, we are ready to mint. The only question left is this: do you want Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), Proof State (PS) Antiqued (ANT). What’s the difference? PS medallions feature a shiny, mirror-like finish, are more expensive and generally are considered “collector’s quality”. BU medallions are untouched and considered to be in “mint condition”, but typically feature a frosted, matte finish that resists scratches and fingerprints. BU is less expensive and great for high-volume projects not geared for the numismatic market. ANT features a premium, hand-scraped patina that results in a classic, aged look, showing off incredible relief and detail otherwise not noticeable.

Finishing – Tubes, airtites, bags, individually numbered, laser-etched…we can get really creative and exotic with the medallions once they’re minted. Keep in mind that customization be costly and time consuming, but just about anything can be done. We can even blockchain-enable your products for added protection against fakes & counterfeits. Talk with a service professional to explore your custom request!

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